Thursday, June 4, 2015


Early in the month of July 1969, a leggy, beautiful, blonde young woman came to me for a Tarot reading.  At the time she was working at the Playboy Club on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood as one of their waitress bunnies. During her reading I picked up and told her that a blonde actress she knew, perhaps born under the sign of Capricorn, was going to be brutally murdered at some point in the near future. It seemed to me that more than one person would be murdered that night, perhaps more people she knew. I sensed guns and knives, alcohol and drugs, and all those psychic impressions were starting to make me sick to my stomach.  For that reason I told her that I couldn't tune into the pattern any longer, and then, I went on to tell her about other things in her future that were were not at all gruesome and a whole lot more exciting.  That reading cost her $10. After all, I had only started doing readings in August of 1966. In 1967 I charged $5 for a reading!

The weeks passed.

Then, all of a sudden in early August, the evening TV news programs and all the newspapers all over the country were filled with the gruesome, horrible, ghastly details of the cruel murders of Sharon Tate, a blonde Capricorn, and several of her friends, including her hair dresser, Jay Sebring. And then, two days later, supermarket executive Leno LaBianca and his wife Rosemary were murdered. The media repeatedly reported on all these horrific murders, which caused my close friend Susan, who lived down the street from the home of Sharon Tate, to buy a shotgun and keep it loaded in her bedroom next to her bed. 


Then one evening later that week in August, the telephone rang as I was about to leave my apartment to go to the movies, and the blonde Playboy Bunny said in hushed tones, "Pattie, these murders....they're the murders you told me about when you gave me my reading last month. Sharon Tate was a friend of mine, and Jay Sebring was my hairdresser!"

Suddenly feeling weak and absolutely shocked, I sat down at the dining room table and and took a very deep breath, feeling thoroughly shaken. "Why didn't I pick up enough to warn these people and prevent these horrible murders? She was your friend." I was really upset.

"You said it was their fate to die like this....that there was nothing that could be done to stop it from happening.  You said that, Pattie!  Honestly, you said it was their karma!"

Somehow her words did not comfort me, and yet, I'm always amazed when my amazing predictions come to pass. It has never ceased to amaze me, knowing that I am merely a channel of Divine Mind the same as we all are in our various capacities..

As the events that led to the conviction of Charles Manson and his compliant killers unfolded I had a great deal to think about,  For instance, the year before the murders took place I had done readings for members of the "Family" that had repeatedly invited me to come out to Topanga Canyon and join in the festivities with Manson and his large group of followers. A couple of the girls had even spent the night in my den in Sherman Oaks and I had given them breakfast. I don't think those girls were among the murderers, but that realization still did little to comfort me. One of the girls had said, "Sex is my Zen." Sex was apparently a big deal in The Family.

During the year after the murders in California I continued to do readings for Manson Family members, in addition to members of the teams for the defense and prosecution during the Manson trials. It all seemed like a true Greek tragedy of some sort, with me reprising my role at the Oracle of Delphi, as I keenly considered the wise words of Krishna to Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita when Arjuna was afraid of killing his relatives in battle, "How vain man to think that he can kill." For the soul is eternal and no one ever truly dies. It is the personality that is transitory like the clothes we wear for a day.

Fortunately, not everyone has an infamous murder in their cards for me to reveal, although life is always filled with at least 10,000 surprises for each of us along the way. The beautiful blonde also met the Italian Count and flew around the world in his private jet. It might not have lasted forever, but at least she had some fun, I hear she's still living in an Italian villa somewhere outside of Rome!

This tale and many others may be found in my memoir: COSMIC CONSPIRACY - Psychic to the Rich and Famous. The Kindle is $4.99 on Amazon and you can purchase the book there or an autographed copy from me!



Tuesday, May 19, 2015

pattie-mclaineblog: NEW CLIENTS BEING ACCEPTEDMy desktop computer has ...

pattie-mclaineblog: NEW CLIENTS BEING ACCEPTEDMy desktop computer has ...: NEW CLIENTS BEING ACCEPTED My desktop computer has not booted for over two months now. Really discouraging.  For that reason I have not b...


My desktop computer has not booted for over two months now. Really discouraging.  For that reason I have not been able to change anything on my website. Plus, I was extremely ill for a long period, which included hospitalization and no work for four and a half months. I started doing readings again in March and it feels great to be back!  

Until June 13, 2015, I'm having a SPECIAL during Retrograde Mercury. You have the choice of one of my six books, autographed, of course, or a report emailed to you with the full reading ($260) or the shorter reading ($140). Specifics concerning my readings can be found on my website.

Along with descriptions of all my books and reports.

I am no longer doing the Monthly Forecasts or Predictions for the current year. But I am accepting new clients in 2015, after all. 

Enjoy the spring weather!  Call 703-373-7353 to schedule an appointment! 

In Love and Light!


Saturday, August 16, 2014


The Auguries of August

        For greater insight ─ read your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign!

1/25/2010 Email from Rosemary on Facebook: "Your Monthly Forecasts are SO ACCURATE!"

LEO — The Lion — Performer, Politician   (July 22 – August 21)
Are you feeling lucky? Buy a lottery ticket sometime this month. This might also be an excellent time for you to take some kind of chance. Spread your wings and attempt to fly in a new and daring direction that might include your personal life or your profession.  Travel is highly favored this month. Also in the auspicious range are legal matters, contracts, marketing and promotion, along with publishing issues of any kind. Love of a clandestine nature might prove really tempting, or an old love might reappear right out of the blue. Hello! A parent or elder may require your assistance or personal attention. You might run a touch feisty with the MARS square, so think twice before placing blame.
KEY WORDS: Dramatic, courageous, generous

VIRGO - The Virgin - Teacher, Guide (August 22 - September 21)
Friends in general or one specific friend could prove extremely helpful to you this month. You might find yourself in a reflective mood, especially where people or patterns from the past are concerned. Writing is highly favored at this time, or even public speaking. Your energy is up and you could even prove forceful and dynamic in your presentations.  Teaching will have a definite appeal to you now. Your significant other or business partner may still be going through some level of confusion in terms of making a decision regarding the very next step to take. There could be an improvement in your relationship with young people in general and your children in particular. Unexpected change is possible.         
KEY WORDS: Analytical, careful, educator.

LIBRA — The Scales — Peacemaker, Arbitrator  (September 22 – October 21)
Advancement in your career or profession is highly likely at this time. Promotions and/or raises also seem to be in the pipeline. A strong pattern of friendly optimism may add fuel to that fire. On the other hand, there may also be some jealousy or resentment from someone at work or from the boss or supervisor. Try to ignore it or at least avoid making waves. Group travel is possible this month, the more the merrier may be your motto now. Friends appear to be especially helpful and supportive to you now.  Some woman could be difficult or it might manifest as concern for a mother-figure. Caution is necessary in negotiating contracts and in some monetary matters. Try not to argue about money!
KEY WORDS: Social, fair, artistic.

SCORPIO — The Eagle — Creative Transformer  (October 22 – November 21)
Feeling energetic and sexy…that could well describe you this month, although the more serious side of your nature is likely to surface at this time as well. This is ‘get a lot done’ time, with your intuitive faculty operating at its peak. New responsibilities could well be your lot now, too, nothing you will shy away from. Perhaps something that you have been working toward for some time that finally develops or manifests on a concrete level. An important new friend may well enter your life at this time. Romance may beckon to you in a faraway or foreign place. Your call!  Publishing and legal contracts are favored at this time.  A coworker or employee may end up being let go this month. Seems necessary.
KEY WORDS: Passionate, secretive, creative.

SAGITTARIUS — The Archer/Centaur — Philosophical Preacher 
(November 22 – December 21)
This might be an excellent time for you to fly off into the wild blue yonder! Travel should certainly be on your mind, and that could even include an armchair adventure into another realm through the adventurous words written on the pages of a good book. You will surely tend to run philosophical and optimistic this month. Beware of water problems in the home or office. Try not to let a small leak develop into a really big leak and real trouble. A romantic encounter might prove exciting but not so lasting. This is also an excellent time for fun and games with your children or just with the young at heart. Financial improvement is possible now, but try not to spend all the money in one place!
KEY WORDS: Philosophical, perceptive, candid.

CAPRICORN — The Goat — Executive Leader (December 22 – January 20)
Reunions are highly likely this month, either with old friends and/or classmates from long ago and faraway. Long talks and catching up are in order. Changes regarding the home appear to be constant to some degree. Perhaps you moved into this place unsure of the location or major remodels have taken much longer than anticipated. Your energy level should be positive at this time. Your partner or significant other may experience a sudden monetary windfall and decide to share the bounty with you. Pay special attention to your intuition at this time, for the Still Small Voice could well keep you safe from serious harm or considerable discomfort. Romance might be rekindled with an old love now.
    KEY WORDS: Organized, trustworthy, determined.

AQUARIUS — Water Bearer — Humanitarian Caregiver 
(January 21 – February 19)
This is your opposition month when the other person tends to have the advantage most of the time, so try to be pleasant an agreeable. In fact, your significant other or partner may have a sudden windfall and share the bounty with you. How about that? Your mind tends to be quick at this time, filled with brand new ideas, so write them down or apply them to your projects in the immediate future. One of your ideas could well turn out to be a goldmine of sorts. Romance may be encountered through your work or through someone you work with. Slow but steady progress should manifest in terms of reaching your goals about this time. A parent or elder could prove to be of some concern to you this month.
 KEY WORDS: Charitable, intuitive, intelligent.

PISCES — The Fishes — Mystic D
reamer (February 20 – March 20)
Putting a lot of effort into your work should pay off handsomely for you this month.  The prospects are promising indeed. The fine tuning of your intuitive faculties continues with the transit of your ruling planet NEPTUNE in PISCES. For some, the transit means addiction and confusion: Try not to join those ranks. Travel is highly favored at this time, especially when the travel is work related. Your energy level should be up about now, so that you are able to accomplish a great deal. Care needs to be taken at this time with respect to making a major purchase. Try not to buy the Brooklyn Bridge. Romantic bonds tend to strengthen now into something much more serious. Have fun with your children.
 KEY WORDS: Psychic, sympathetic, artistic.

ARIES — The Ram — Entrepreneurial Executive (March 21 - April 19)
This is not the month to try to smooze your boss or one of your parents. You might as well forget about it for now! Tensions run rather high until later in the month. Romance is always a gamble, but you just might bet on love this month and win big! Fun and games with a lover or your children or young people in general might be terrific about now. Gambling with other people’s money might not be such a good idea at this time either, or even with your own money, for that matter. Think in terms of long term investments whether it comes to money or love and you are likely to win big.  I hope you’re not surprised if your libido also lags about now, but it’s only temporary, of course!
KEY WORDS: Commanding, impetuous, visionary.

TAURUS — The Bull — Financier 
(April 21 – May 21)
Your significant other or business partner might run more than a little feisty this month. Let him or her have plenty of space and try not to force any issues for now. You could run a touch feisty yourself, by the way. Serious matters involve partnerships of all kinds, emotional and commercial. If you sign on the dotted line this month you are likely to be taking on long term issues of some type, with the ultimate result highly positive in nature. This is a good time for writing or other forms of self-expression. Your relationship with a sibling or neighbor could take on special significance at this time. Take the time to listen and try not to do all the talking all the time or you might miss out on something important.  
KEY WORDS: Determined, sensual, traditional.

GEMINI — The Twins — Communicator with a Healing Touch (May 22 – June 21)
This is an excellent time for you to do some kind of public speaking or any sort of writing to express yourself. In fact, you may be quite chatty this month all month long. This is also a good time to take a short trip of long duration or a long trip of a short duration. Your call! You might also enjoy enrolling in a workshop or class of some sort at this time in order to expand your awareness on some level or add to your storehouse of knowledge. You might come up with some great ideas about now that you should probably write down if you don’t decide to put them into action right away. You should get along exceptionally well with your partner or spouse this month and have some great conversations.
KEY WORDS: Witty, curious, charming.

CANCER — The Crab — Diplomat, Gift with Words 
(June 22 – July 21)
Marital spats are not out of the question during this month, or disagreements with a business partner, perhaps? You do have a stubborn streak and you do tend to carry a grudge. In fact, you are the grudge-holder of the zodiac, so perhaps the time has come to clean out your emotional closet and get over some hard feelings of one kind or another. Romance could be up and down and off and on this month, with something long term perchance on the distant horizon. You knight may be polishing his armor or have a lame horse or your princess in the ivory tower may have PMS. Much later. Trust your instincts always and you are highly likely to do beyond fine. Discipline is your friend this month.     
KEY WORDS: Diplomatic, intuitive, gourmet.
Only an accurate natal chart drawn up with the exact time of birth determines the correct degree of the rising sign, house cusps, planetary degrees, and  the degree of the Moon, which is important in personal relationships.

Saturday, November 30, 2013


: MONTHLY FORECASTS DELIRIOUS DECEMBER   SAGITTARIUS: If you have been feeling stuck in some aspect of your life, you can expect t...





If you have been feeling stuck in some aspect of your life, you can expect things to pick up or to somehow be resolve the second half of this month. This holiday season family issues should also be resolved more to your liking than ever before. Travel plans could well change, at least in part, for reasons beyond your control. This may be a good time to re-evaluate business or career matters with perhaps a fresh start in mind for the coming new year. A raise or promotion is a definite possibility. Those in charge should be on your side at this time, with thoughts and ideas well received. Water or a plumbing issue might well arise and prove to be something of a nuisance. Romantic attractions increase as the month progresses. In fact, an old love may reappear and have your head spinning about exactly what to do about the situation! There could be a definite dilemma on that score.


Romantic possibilities may be plentiful this month, along with abundant social invitations. You should be looking good and feeling pretty good as well. And you may discover a not-so-secret admirer!  How about that? Too bad that someone in the family is acting less than congenial this holiday season. Simply rise above the situation the way that you usually do and you should be just fine. An old friend may come to your aid or lend a much needed listening ear. You should be able to depend upon your friends at this time. Watch your temper as the month progresses as MARS squares your Sun, since you could run irritable and out of sorts to some degree. You will not be up to taking any sort of nonsense from most people this holiday season. Pettiness might aggravate you at this time. Travel plans could be fraught with last minute changes. Try to be patient now.


You could run a touch feisty at this time, especially where your neighbors and siblings are concerned. But you could just as easily apologize and talk things over later in the month.  Original ideas should abound for you this month. Write them down to use later if not at that very moment in time. Easy money may fall right into your hands. An old love may reappear and find you most alluring! Good luck with that situation! I hope you find him/her alluring too. You may also reach an important goal at this time: The completion of a project, perhaps? Your thinking tends to be more serious now than at other times. It might be a good time to keep a journal to help you keep track of your thoughts and ideas. There is a pickup in your energy at this time where you also feel like accomplishing more in order to get the job done right. An old creative/artistic project deserves another look!


There are important lessons for you to learn this month, once and for all! You should have a fair sense of self-disciple to do whatever needs doing at this time, lots of carry through is available to you. However, watch over-spending on holiday gift-giving, since the bills come due next month. A long trip to see family members and old friends should be fun and heart-warming, a return trip to a place you have been to before. Your creative juices should be flowing pretty good, so take some time to create, design, paint, draw or write something down. Reunions could run to the extreme at this time, with more than just the holidays involved, since even an old love could show up when you least expect it. Sudden advancement is possible in terms of your career. Even a new job or a new position is possible now. Research is also favored now, with exciting discoveries part of the deal.       


This should be an exciting month for you in general. There may well be favor from those in high places, but you will be expected to work hard and put your best foot forward. The boss or an elder may not give you all the praise you might like to hear about now to feel appreciated, but my advice is to simply grin and bear it! Romance may bloom in the work place, but combining work and pleasure is not always a wise decision or the most comfortable situation for everyone concerned, especially when the bloom falls off the rose!  You may run more than a little feisty as the month progresses as MARS moves into the opposition to your Sun and squares with PLUTO, which is particularly true for the earlier Aries birthdays.  Expect some sort of emergency to arise and it could involve a parent or elder. Partnerships may be put to the ultimate test this month. Please watch your temper.


Out-of-body travel may be a given this month. No airfare needed for traveling throughout the cosmos. Regular travel could also be enjoyable at this time. Unusual dreams are probably another certainty, and pay especially close attention to your intuition this month. The Still Small Voice should serve you well and protect you. Romance with a foreigner or in a faraway place is quite likely at this time, though it might not necessarily be of a lasting nature. But life is filled with risks, is it not? This one is your call. Partnerships present a push-pull pattern this month, this coming year, with a serious tone to conversations and decision making. A change in your philosophy or belief system may not be so slow in coming or too subtle in essence. It is a time for “aha” and somewhat dramatic insights. A parent or elder may be cause for concern and need your assistance.


Here you are in your opposition time again where the other person has the distinct advantage. So please try to listen and pay attention to what others are saying to you and doing right in front of you. Pay attention! Work decisions can be made now that may involve hiring or firing, or changing classes or teachers for the student. The path directly in front of you may be a touch clouded for the earlier Gemini. Tread water for the moment and wait for the Sun to come out, for it will! Then you can make a wise and intelligent decision. Travel might prove more expensive than anticipated earlier this month, but you should still have a fun time. Group activities prove mixed this holiday season, some fun, some glum. But your energy should be up with you raring to go for the most part. Some people around you may come unglued, however, so be kind.


Trust your instincts at this time and pay close attention to your inner voice of intuition. There are those around you trying to manipulate you or a particular situation to their advantage. If that is all right with you, fine. But be aware. Career changes hold an element of uncertainty now. It might be best not to leave a job unless you have something else lined up first. A new romance may come to you through work or school, but it might be wise to think twice before jumping right in at this time. Impulse is running strong for the moment. Also, please watch your temper. You are somehow in a push-pull situation with work, school, or perhaps a relationship. Take your time to come to terms and try not to allow others to push you around too much. A change of direction or pace right now may prove to be a true breath of fresh air. Enjoy the holidays to your liking!


Your Muse awaits the chance to assist you with your creative impulse: Paint, draw, compose, design or write to your heart’s content. Romance is also in the vicinity and could shows up quite unexpectedly. Surprise! Time spent with your family should be pleasant indeed this holiday season. Travel may involve returning to past haunts and hanging out with old friends, sweetly reminiscing. A hefty purchase this holiday season might involve something that truly lasts and provides hours of enjoyment. Hard work pays off now, perhaps with a year-end bonus, a raise or promotion of sorts. Stress with some family members is possible at this time. Deep, serious discussions could resolve any issues this month. Property matters may come to your attention as well. It might be a good time to buy, sell or refinance.


Early this month is a good time for serious writing and serious and meaningful conversations with your near and dear ones. Brilliant ideas may well be yours as the month progresses. Research is highly favored now, especially with regard to an artistic or creative project. Reunions with old friends may include an old love who tries to rekindle an almost forgotten flame. Will you or won’t you? Your call! There could be a major purchase for the home at this time or even the sale or purchase of property itself. Investments may also pay off handsomely at this time, but try to guard against impulse. Romance is looking good for you about now, so if not an old love then a new love might do just fine. Self-discipline is on your side to get a job done. Start new projects well before Christmas, please, or you may have too many pots boiling at the same time.


This may not be the best time for you to take on remodeling or refurbishing the house. Why not just move the furniture around until the arrangement suits you better and check out the sales after Christmas or at the first of the New Year? A lover’s quarrel is not out of the question this month. Perhaps you can agree to disagree for now? A lover or child might just ruffle your feathers a touch, but try to talk it through before you jump to a rash or hotheaded conclusion. This is a good time for a long talk with a partner or spouse. Important agreements could be reached at this time. This is also an excellent time to review your budget and perhaps to get rid of a debt at this time? Important forward movement in the career department indicates long term benefits rather that short term gains.  Work related travel is highly likely now, but you’ll have a good time nonetheless.


You will be up for several serious talks this month, which should be exactly to your liking. Leadership is marked at this time, something that sets you apart and perhaps puts you on a podium. You will tend to wax philosophical, of course, with perhaps brilliant ideas pouring out of your mouth, even to your own surprise. Kudos!  Creative self-expression is strong at this time, so why not write it all down or design or paint? A sudden windfall may be financial in essence and rather helpful, or perhaps everyone is simply telling you how good you look or paying you compliments in great numbers. Enjoy! Congratulations! A dream you have could have special significance for you, so write down your dreams this month. The holiday season brings a special blessing to you.     Enjoy the holiday season! 

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